Horizons for Youth

Chicago non-profit Horizons for Youth is an organization committed to transforming children’s lives by providing targeted resources, rooted in education, in a trusting partnership with their families and communities.

Founded in 1991, Horizons for Youth has committed to understanding each individual student’s need and filling that gap. Through a series of highly coordinated, targeted support services, Horizons for Youth aims to create spaces for youth of all academic ability levels to succeed.

Horizons for Youth is the primary beneficiary of the Declan Drumm Sullivan Memorial Fund and the fund’s annual fundraiser No Ordinary Evening. In the first year of this partnership, Horizons for Youth accepted 40 new students into their program and doubled their tutoring and counseling services. From 2012 to 2019, Declan’s Class has grown to 100 students, sponsored through the generosity of donors at No Ordinary Evening.

To learn more about Horizons for Youth and their impact on the over 200 students they serve each year, click here.